As a DE&I and community engagement enthusiast I specialize in transformative consulting within the technology industry. My most recent endeavors include leading the largest Latinx community of professionals, Techqueria, during their significant growth and transitions over the pandemic. Prior to my transition into technology, I worked closely to provide resources and education to underrepresented communities in the greater Philadelphia community. I continue to serve as a mentor and leader in the industry, lending my time and expertise to organizations that support diverse professionals including Techsgiving, SHPE and Render Atlanta.

Currently seeking the opportunity to leverage my skills in the tech industry. My ideal role would include one that lets me continue working within the DEI space, primarily supporting internal initiatives and programs such as ERGs and improving workplace experience — in short, I want to make sure BIPOC professionals and historically underrepresented folks feel like they belong and are valued at work, ensuring that not only recruitment reflects diversity but so does retention and internal business practices.