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I am a 26/F./Bengali-American, Research Engineer, based out of Atlanta, GA making $100k/year

About Me

Current job title: Research Engineer

Current location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 26

Years of Experience: 4

Total Comp:

  • Salary $100k/year
  • Benefits Full Tuition paid for MBA at Georgia Institute of Technology; support on business endeavors

Brief description of your current position: Software Implementation on 5G platforms and telecommunication platforms and applications

Do you feel adequately compensated? Yes, because they pay my graduate school tuition in full.

How I Got Here:

Degrees/certifications: BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering; MBA Candidate at GT

  • If so, are they applicable to your current position? Yes
  • Was there an expectation for higher ed?  Yes

Jobs leading up to your current position:

  • Include job title + salary/hourly wage: Electronics Engineer at Air Force Research Laboratory, $86k/year
  • Brief explanation of role/duties: Software implementation and algorithm development for telecommunication platforms
  •  Type of company: (FAANG/SaaS/Startup etc): Defense
  • Negotiated for pay raises/promotions: Yes


What resources were most beneficial on your journey?

Access to higher education and mentors/connections from different sectors including government and policy

What advice would you give yourself as a HS Senior?

To find mentors and connections as soon as possible in areas I am interested in. Utilize the resources and connections from your academic institutions.

What’s next?

Executive/Leadership Roles at companies and my own firm to focus on technology in emerging markets.

Overall reflections/thoughts to share/advice: Ex: how did you stay motivated? Friends, family, fear? What resources were most beneficial? What’s something you wish you’d known before? Did you make any mistakes that you regret? What do you struggle with in your current role? Do you feel overworked? Do you feel underpaid?

I stay motivated with support from my friends, family and mentors. The most beneficial resource has been learning from the people around me in the areas I build connections. I don’t have any regrets as everything is a learning process. I currently struggle with balancing my job, school, business endeavors and personal life. I create schedules and create a project management system for my entire life. I am overworked, but under my own accord because as a Research Engineer, I am able to choose my research and can add work as I please to challenge myself. I do think my work is underpaid compared to working in the private industry, but it makes sense for this moment in my life since my employer pays for school.

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